I am trying to install the Nginx package by using salt minion. But, I am unable to install. I tried to write an .sls file in a new directory called Nginx like below:


    - installed
    - running
    - watch:
      - pkg: nginx

I had written top.sls like below:

    - nginx

I executed the below command:

salt '*' state.highstate

and I am getting output like below:

          ID: states
    Function: no.None
      Result: False
     Comment: No Top file or external nodes data matches found

Succeeded: 0
Failed:    1
Total:     1

Can anyone help me?


In your top.sls, your target is saltminion* wheres after you execute salt '*' state.highstate, i can see that the id of the minion that responds is ubuntu. There is no top file being sent to the minion having name ubuntu. So either change the target in your top.sls to ubuntu instead of saltminion*; or change the id of your minion to saltminion1 or saltminion2; or add another target in your top.sls like this:

    - nginx
    - nginx

And try again after that.

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    Your top file is located here, by default: /srv/salt/top.sls – Utah_Dave Sep 3 '14 at 23:57

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