In SpriteKit, if you load an image with the [SKTexture textureWithImageNamed:] method, it will first search your bundles, then atlases, if it fails to find your texture, it will then create a placeholder image and load it.

Is there a way to find out (without visually checking) if the loaded image is a placeholder?

This doesn't seem like a very "cocoa" way to handle this type of error.

developer.apple.com is down now, so I figured I would pose this question to SO.

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  • Yes, use SpriteKit-QuickLook from github, then you can see private vars of the texture. There's an ivar that points to the original texture (atlas) if the texture is an atlas texture – LearnCocos2D Apr 5 '14 at 7:18
  • Also, the MissingResource.png is 128x128 - you can compare the texture size if you don't use any textures of that size yourself. – LearnCocos2D Apr 7 '14 at 15:42
  • Did you ever find a good way to do this? I'm preloading textures and one in thirty launches I get Error Loading Image Resource for 3 or 4 textures. I've been trying to find any way to find out with code if this happens and then reload them if it does. – Brad May 9 '16 at 17:41

SKTexture has some private properties that would be helpful (see e.g. https://github.com/luisobo/Xcode-RuntimeHeaders/blob/master/SpriteKit/SKTexture.h), but in Swift and during development I'm using this:

extension SKTexture {
    public var isPlaceholderTexture:Bool {
        if size() != CGSize(width: 128, height: 128) {
            return false

        return String(describing: self).contains("'MissingResource.png'")


This only works, if you are using a SKTextureAtlas:

let t1 = SKTextureAtlas(named: "MySprites").textureNamed("NonExistingFoo")
// t1.isPlaceholderTexture == true

let t2 = SKTexture(imageNamed: "NonExistingBar")
// t2.isPlaceholderTexture == false
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  • This question is a bit old, but I will accept this one. – Weston Jul 18 '17 at 13:07

You can check if the atlas contains the image. I created the following method in my AtlasHelper:

+(BOOL) isTextureWithName:(NSString *) name existsInAtlas:(NSString *)atlasName
    SKTextureAtlas *atlas = [SKTextureAtlas atlasNamed:atlasName];
    return [atlas.textureNames containsObject:name];
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