I already have a powershell script that imports reports into SSRS with powershell using the ReportService2010.asmx?wsdl API.

I have issues with creating the cache options however, in particular to create a simple schedule. The code example on the MSDN does not have a powershell example.


I was hoping someone could help me how to write this example in powershell? In particular how to create a ScheduleDefinition object.


It seems the trick is to assign a namespace and class on your New-WebServiceProxy I had this line in my code:

$RS = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $reportServerURI -UseDefaultCredential

Now I have changed it to this:

$RS = New-WebServiceProxy -Class 'RS' -Namespace 'RS' -Uri $reportServerURI -UseDefaultCredential

This allows me to create the ScheduleDefinition object via

$definition New-Object RS.ScheduleDefinition

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