I need to exchange binary structured data over a stream (TCP socket or pipe) between C++, Java and Python programs.

Therefore my question:

How to exchange binary structured data over a stream for C++, Java and Python?

  1. There is no way to create the complete object to be serialized beforehand - there must be the possibility to stream in and stream out the data.
  2. Because of performance issues I need some binary protocol format.
  3. I want to use (if possible) some existing library, because hand-crafting all the (de-)serialization is a pain.

What I want

My idea is something like (for C++ writer):

 StreamWriter sw(7);  // fd to output to.

 while( (DataSet const ds(get_next_row_from_db())) ) {
    sw << ds;  // data set is some structured data

and for C++ reader

StreamReader sr(9);  // fd for input

while(sr) {
   DataSet const ds(sr);

   // handle ds

with a similar syntax and semantics for Java and Python.

What I did

I thought about using an existing library like Google Protocol Buffers, but this does not support stream handling and there is the need to create the complete object hierarchy before serialization.

Also I though about creating my own binary format, but this is too much work and pain.

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I would recommend explicitly documenting how your data types are to be serialized, and writing serialization and deserialization code in each language as needed. I have found in the past that with good documentation of how the data is to be serialized, this is fairly painless.

Your other major option is to standardize on one platform's default serialization method, but that means you have to figure out that method and implement in the other languages. This tends to be trickier as the default serialization methods are often complex and not well documented.

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The options are Apache Thrift, Google's protocol buffer and Pache Avro. Good comparison is there at http://www.slideshare.net/IgorAnishchenko/pb-vs-thrift-vs-avro

So I recommend you to try apache Avro.

  • The Google protocol buffer is old and unmaintained. The original author started a project called capnproto which oughta be better, but in general it would be better not to feed off-topic questions with answers. – lpapp Apr 6 '14 at 8:50

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