Does the SO_TIMEOUT expire the Non blocking channel , if a channel doesn't receive a read/response in timeout millis?

.handler(channelInitializer).option(ChannelOption.SO_TIMEOUT, 100);

Also, is the option applicable for server channel also? like:

serverBootstrap.group(bossGroup, workerGroup).channel(NioServerSocketChannel.class).
localAddress(new InetSocketAddress(8800)).childHandler(serverChannelInitializer).
option(ChannelOption.SO_TIMEOUT, 100).bind().sync();
  • It only has effect in blocking mode. Timeouts in non-blocking mode are a contradiction in terms.
    – user207421
    Feb 26 '20 at 10:04

No. SO_TIMEOUT has effect only for OIO socket transport. You should use IdleStateHandler and handle an IdleStateEvent in your userEventTriggered() implementation.


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