I use drag and drop plugin of jsTree library (ver. 3.0) With the following code I can bind to the end of drag'n'drop action, but I can not see a way to get the reference to the target node (the node I'm dropping on).

$(document).on('dnd_stop.vakata', function(e, data) {
   // how to get target_node here?

Another solution is to use the get_node() function on the jstree object.

$(document).on('dnd_stop.vakata', function (e, data) {
    ref = $('#jstree').jstree(true);
    parents = ref.get_node(data.element).parent;

You can get all parents with:

    all_parents = ref.get_node(data.element).parents;
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    Please mark this one as a solution. It sticks entirely within the means of JSTree without requiring additional JQuery usage. – daniel.caspers Jul 19 '16 at 21:49
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    This is will give you the node the draggable came from but not the node it was dropped on. – Zexks Marquise Jun 16 '17 at 16:43

I had same problem. I found other solution than event dnd_stop.vakata, which returns old data before changed position.

This works:

$('#jstree_demo_div').on("move_node.jstree", function (e, data) {
   //data.node, data.parent, data.old_parent is what you need


I had the same problem and had to get the ID within the dnd_stop event, so I came up with this:

$(document).on('dnd_stop.vakata', function(e, data) {
  var t = $(data.event.target);
  var targetnode = t.closest('.jstree-node');
  var nodeID = targetnode.attr("id");

That way I can get the ID of the targetnode, for example.

If you need to do this via the check_callback then you can access the target node via the more parameter.

'check_callback': function(operation, node, node_parent, node_position, more) {

    // operation can be 'create_node', 'rename_node', 'delete_node', 'move_node' or 'copy_node'
    // in case of 'rename_node' node_position is filled with the new node name

    if (operation === "move_node") {

        if (more.ref.data.type === "folder") {

            return true;



    return false; //allow all other operations


To get the target node you use the dnd_stop.vakata event. Once you get the node you can access to the different properties like id:

$(document).bind("dnd_stop.vakata",function(e, data) {
    var targetNode = $('#jstree').jstree(true).get_node($(data.event.target));
    var nodeId = targetNode.id;

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