So PyEnchant allows you to define a personal word list of correctly spelled words in addition to a language dictionary:

d2 = enchant.DictWithPWL("en_US","mywords.txt")

However, the resulting d2 checker is of class Dict, which can only be used to check a single word, e.g.:

>>> d.check("Hello")

The SpellChecker class allows spellchecking of a block of text. However, I can't seem to find out how to specify a personal word list as with Dict. Is this not a supported feature? I'd like to spellcheck a block of text against en_US plus my personal word list. Any ideas?


The first argument of the SpellChecker initializer can be both the name of a language or an enchant dictionary:

from enchant import DictWithPWL
from enchant.checker import SpellChecker

my_dict = DictWithPWL("en_US", "mywords.txt")
my_checker = SpellChecker(my_dict)

my_checker.set_text("This is sme sample txt with erors.")
for error in my_checker:
    print "ERROR:", error.word

The documentation isn't clear about this, but the code is available :)

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    Awesomeness, thank you! – mart1n Apr 11 '14 at 12:33

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