Is there a way to have nested for loops in Rust and break the outer one from inside the inner one, the way one could do e.g. in Java? I know Rust supports named breaks in loop but I can't seem to find information about the same regarding for.


Yes. It uses the same syntax as lifetimes.

fn main() {
    'outer: for x in 0..5 {
        'inner: for y in 0..5 {
            println!("{},{}", x, y);
            if y == 3 {
                break 'outer;

See loop labels documentation and the related section of the reference.

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    @NoeticJun It's mentioned in the section Infinite loops (followed by Break expressions). Although it's a bit confusing, because the example break is break foo instead of break 'foo. It also uses both "label" and "lifetime" to refer to the same thing. It should be rewritten. – Lily Ballard Apr 7 '14 at 22:10

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