I want to unzip the zipped file while downloading the file using AngularJS.

I am trying with the following code,

For eg:

<a download="My_File.PNG" target="_self" ng-href="Path of the zip file/My_File.PNG.zip">My_File.PNG</a>

How can I download the actual file My_File.PNG from My_File.PNG.zip in the browser?

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You can't do it from angular directly, but you can call use the JSUnzip library which you can call from your angular controller https://github.com/augustl/js-unzip

     var myZip = ... // Get it with an XHR request, HTML5 files, etc.
     var unzipper = new JSUnzip(myZip);
     unzipper.isZipFile();      // true or false

     unzipper.readEntries();    // Creates "entries"
     unzipper.entries;          // Array of JSUnzip.ZipEntry objects.
  • not working , there is big problem while trying to open the file the error usually comes saying this.stream.charCodeAt is not a function JSUnzip.BigEndianBinaryStream.prototype.getByteAt@../js/js-unzip.js:102 js-unzip.js line 102 ` getByteAt: function (index) { return this.stream.charCodeAt(index); // return this.stream.charCodeAt(index) & 0xff;//patch i found off the net, that also not helpful }` .
    – Akhil Jain
    Apr 16, 2014 at 5:58

It's a little bit late, but the problem is in the angular request. You have to pass a special parameter, as in
$http.get('...', { responseType: "arraybuffer" }).success(successfunc);
and then proceed with the unzip. Search for this...

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