I made a custom component which basically wraps a d3 line chart. Now I want to be able to register a callback for clicks on the lines in the chart.

I gave the component a @NgCallback parameter, which I then send events to:

class NetworkSummaryComponent implements NgShadowRootAware {
  Function callback;

  void onShadowRoot(ShadowRoot shadowRoot) {
    chart.callMethod('listen', ['line-click', (ev) {
        var name = ev.callMethod('getLineName');
        callback({'name': name});

When using the component, I specify a function of my controller as callback:


However, that function is never actually called, put I know the callback arrives from the JS side because the print in the first snippet is executed.

If I instead specify the attribute as callback="ctrl.lineClicked()" I get a strange exception:

Closure call with mismatched arguments: function 'call'

I could not find any official documentation on how to properly do callbacks, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong.. Any ideas?


It turns out that I had to explicitly name the expected arguments in the attributes:


Hope this is useful to the next person having this problem.

  • Thanks I hit the same problem and spent hours before I saw this post. – Xipan Xiao Oct 27 '14 at 23:50

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