I've setup a project in IntelliJ 13 to run my nodeJS app. It runs fine. The problem is I can't use the debugger. When I try to run in debug mode the console prints

"C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe" --debug-brk=50839 --debug app.js
debugger listening on port 50839

Process finished with exit code -1

The console tab displays "Process disconnected unexpectedly"


I had the same error with debug mode ("Process finished with exit code -1073741510") The problem was solved when I removed old watches from watch list. Debugger seems to be sensitive to those garbage watches.


It's a generic error that doesn't really provide any meaningful information.

I had the same issue today on Mac OSX and I finally discovered it was a combination of the new-relic package with "Break on Exception" option enabled that crashed the node app each time I started the debugger.

I hope this helps.

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