I want to run a BLE Profile called "Proximity Profile" or PXP on a Linux machine with bluez-5.17 installed.

PXP is, if i understand correctly, a collection of three ble services:

  • Link Loss Service
  • Immediate Alert Service
  • Tx Power Service

What i did so far. I followed the installation instructions on this site. Installation seems to be sucessfull.

I could run hciconfig hci0 up and hcitool lescan.

So but now i want to run the PXP profile and let the BLE USB dongle act as the gatt-server.

In the folder /etc/bluetooth/ is a file called proximity.conf. There is only one Option to set called Disable="...". Since i want to enable all services i just removed every thing behind the equals-sign.

In the same folder is a file called main.conf where i changed the option to AttributeServer = true. (Not sure if this was really necessary because in the text below i written that this is only useful for testing)

In /var/lib/bluetooth/xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx/ i added uuids of the services in the "profiles" file. For 00001803-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb for LinkLoss.

So i restarted the bluetooth service and expected it to work.

On the other side i have a two android apps as Proximity Reporter (gatt client). The first app is from the TI.com sample code. It scan and shoes all the gatt attributes. i use it to check whether the services are running. i also found an app called nRF Toolbox for BLE.

To make the long story short it's not working and i even have no clue how to run this PXP service. I was just trying it. Thank for helping !


Did you try the following options to figure out what is happening:

  1. running dbus-monitor to get the logs
  2. running bluetooth daemon(bluetoothd) in debug mode ie with -d option, so that logs could help figure out things

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