I am trying to run an applet in HTML 5 file or JSP page in a java web dynamic project created with maven webapp archetype and imported into Eclipse.

folder structure:

Myproject - Deployment Descriptor: myproject - JAX-WS Web Service - Java Rsources -src/main/java com.mypackage.servlets servletsrc.java


 Java Script Resources
 Deployed Resources

      java/ ... sourcecode

what is the magical code to refernce appletcode.class in my html page ? if i deploy this package , here is what i tried

var attributes =                  {codebase:'http://localhost/Myproject/WEBINF/classes/com/MyAppletPackage/Appletcode.class',
                  code: 'com.MyAppletPackage.Appletcode.class',
                  archive: 'MyProject.war',
                  width: '800', 
                  height: '600'};
var parameters = {java_arguments: '-Xmx256m'}; // customize per your needs
var version = '1.5'; // JDK version
deployJava.runApplet(attributes, parameters, version);


In a JSP page, i copied the class file to the path right next to the JSP page and used this in the page :

<jsp:plugin type="applet" code="Appletcode.class" codebase="." width="400" height="400"> <jsp:fallback> <p>Unable to load applet</p> </jsp:fallback> </jsp:plugin>

Now i am having problems referencing JAR files in the plugin , where should these files be?

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