I just updated to the most recent version of Dired+ and Emacs (from a nightly build) and, for some reason when I open Dired on any path, I don't see details (e.g. file size, permissions, size, etc.)

Has anything changed on Dired+ in the latest version? How do I restore the details view? Here is a snapshot of what I get now:

enter image description here


Taken from the package documentation.

Starting with Emacs 24.4 (I assume what you got in nightly), listing details are hidden by default. Use ( anytime to toggle this hiding. You can use option diredp-hide-details-initially-flag to change the default/initial state. See also option diredp-hide-details-propagate-flag.

If you have an Emacs version older than 24.4, you can use library dired-details+.el (plus dired-details.el) to get similar behavior.

How to find it quickly: M-x find-library enter dired+enter C-s details

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    Updated comment in that file: If you do not want to hide details initially then you must either (1) change diredp-hide-details-initially-flag using Customize (recommended) or (2) set it to nil (e.g., using setq) BEFORE loading dired+.el. – Yang Mar 5 '16 at 2:36

You can just press C-( to toggle it;

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