I am trying to use coursera-dl in windows to download coursera videos. I have installed coursera-dl in C:\Python34\Scripts but when i try do

coursera-dl -u xxx@live.com -p yyyy gamification-003

i am getting the below error: importerror: no module named '_version' enter image description here Please help.


Your issue is, the Code is not able to find the file "_version".

I would suggest you go to coursera_dl github page -> https://github.com/dgorissen/coursera-dl

Download zip from the link which can be found on the right side of the page.

in the zip file you will be able to find a folder by the name of "courseradownloader".

Extracts all the files in this folder into yout C:\Python34\Scripts folder.

It will work like a charm.

PS: I would suggest you use .netrc file to store Username and password.

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