The goal is to make users be more specific when reporting a bug.

Ususally I get a messy report "It doesn't work, please help ASAP!" from a user, so I keep asking the same questions each time -- "The why, the who-what-when, the where, and the how..."

Instead, I want to set a template for a new issue, something like this:

  1. What page did you go? What login did you use?

  2. What did you see?

  3. What did you expect to see?

  4. Why do you think this is a bug?

or whatever.

Is it possible?


This plugin would be very helpful, in your case,

Issue Templates- http://www.redmine.org/plugins/issue_templates


The link below says that you can for the last year or so:


But I haven't yet found a description of how this functionality is used. I guess I'll have to slog through some code to find out.



here is a patch for templating issue descriptions. anything beyond that is still underway, and is relevant to the issue mentioned above.



Maybe a possible workaround is to have an issue to use as a template.

Create an issue like this:

  • name: Bug template
  • description:

    What page did you go? What login did you use? What did you see? What did you expect to see? Why do you think this is a bug?

Then you can duplicate it each time you need a real issue.

The limit is with issues with subtasks. If you duplicate the parent issue you don't get the subtasks duplicated as well.

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