I'm having a similar problem as described in this question, but with JQuery Mobile 1.4, particularly with the list views. A slight tap that is not enough to be considered a click causes list elements to highlight and stay highlighted:

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Can anyone tell me how I can prevent any hover highlighting in my application? I would rather not have to modify any of the JQM theming CSS to do this, but I will if that is what it takes.

  • can you use a web inspector to see which property is being triggered by the 'hover'? Maybe a background-color change or css filter? – Josh Rutherford Apr 8 '14 at 3:22
  • I don't see anything change when I hover over it. I just see (for example) <a class="home_item ui-btn ui-btn-icon-right ui-icon-carat-r" id="home_settings" href="#settings" data-ajax="false">Support</a> The button hover is set with .ui-btn:hover for each swatch in the Themeroller-generated CSS file. I can disable it globally by making the hover colors the same as the normal color, but I was looking for a per-widget solution. – chrysanhy Apr 8 '14 at 5:05
  • This may seem a lame answer, but can you move all hover effects into a @media query, say @media (min-width:1024px)? I know it's not a catch-all, and you said you'd like to not have to modify CSS, but that would be the quickest way I know of. – Phil Tune Jun 26 '14 at 22:00

It looks like maybe there is a jquery hover event or mouseover being triggered to set the interaction state to something like ".ui-state-hover" or ".state-hover"


jQueryUI - removing class on hover


function overPrevent(e){
    return false;

$(".options li").hover(overPrevent,outOption);

// alternative to above but still using JavaScript
$(".options li").click(function() {
    $(this).removeClass("ui-state-focus ui-state-hover");

 // alternative to above but still using JavaScript
 $(".options li").hover(function(e){

OR maybe unbind to the mouseenter and mouseleave?


$('.options  li').click(function(){
     $(this).unbind("mouseenter mouseleave");

OR try a pure css override


.theme-group-header .state-default .corner-all .state-hover:hover{

also detecting mobile up front with something like this small library - http://detectmobilebrowsers.com/

then you can name space your css and override the jquery ui library with something roughly like this:

   .theme-group-header .state-default .corner-all .state-hover:hover{

see also references:


To prevent any hover highlighting in a jQuery Mobile 1.4 Listview you can overwrite the appropriate CSS according to the swatch you're using:

/* Button hover */
#yourList.ui-group-theme-a .ui-btn:hover {
    background-color: #f6f6f6 /*{a-bhover-background-color}*/;
/* Button down */
#yourList.ui-group-theme-a .ui-btn:active {
    background-color: #e8e8e8 /*{a-bdown-background-color}*/;

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