What are the best resources free download(websites/webservice) to get/read foreign exchange(currency convertion) information directly to my application. data can be excel,.axf,csv,xml. I would like to know the possibility of reading from direct website/webservice to ssis components as well



There's a csv version here: http://www.bankofcanada.ca/stats/assets/csv/fx-seven-day.csv

The Python Cookbook gives an example of its use.

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I've used this Site off and on for about two years (not consistently and not in production use). Still, it's always been online and updated when i've used it. About 3/4 down the middle of the page they give the currency-specific URLs to access their APIs (e.g., for GB Sterling Pounds: "http://feeds.currencysource.com/GBP.xml".

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This all depends on exactly how up-to-date you need the data to be.

XE.Net is one possibility, but looks like a fairly expensive one.

Alternatively, http://www.currencysource.com/rss_currencyexchangerates.html

(both found via Google)

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