I'm using prelude emacs with solarized theme and parenthesis highlights are hardly visible and looking very ugly. I've tried disabling show-smartparen-mode also show-paren-mode but nothing seems to disable it. I'm not sure, which mode is making highlight parenthesis. Please check the image below:

enter image description here

I would like to change background color of parenthesis to something else so it is more visible. I would appreciate if anyone could provide any help/comments in this regards. Thanks!


Problem: The matching parenthesis highlight, if you look at image above, my cursor is immediate right of the ) therefore ( and ) are highlighted in bluish shade which is not visible.

What I want: I would somehow like to change background color of this highlight.

  • 1. It's not clear what you want. It's not even clear what you do not want -- what you don't like about the behavior you see now. You do not even describe that behavior. Don't make us guess from a screenshot what you find objectionable and what you would prefer. 2. If you want to find out what code highlights a given character, it can sometimes help to find out what the highlighting face is. To do that, put the cursor on the highlighted char and hit C-u C-x =. With luck, the name of the face mentioned in the help will start with a prefix that gives you a hint what the library is. – Drew Apr 9 '14 at 1:31
  • @Drew I'm sorry for not being clear. I've editted the document, I hope it is more clearer now. :) – Shivam Apr 9 '14 at 1:36

After doing C-u C-x = with the cursor on the highlighted parenthesis, you will know what the highlighting face is. If you just want to change its background color, then do M-x customize-face FACE, where FACE is the face name.


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