I'm trying to read the status and some other information from a printer, however I'm not getting any data returned from the printer. I can't figure out what I'm missing or doing wrong?

I'm using Qt creator where I have included the WinSpool library

As a side note: This is my first time trying to read data from a piece of hardware.

The msdn pages for the printer functions are: SetPrinterData GetPrinterData OpenPrinter


BOOL status = false;
HANDLE hPrinter = NULL;

defaults.pDatatype = (LPTSTR)__TEXT("RAW");
defaults.pDevMode = 0;
defaults.DesiredAccess = PRINTER_READ;

status = OpenPrinter((LPTSTR)__TEXT("CN551A"),&hPrinter,&defaults);

if(status) {
    qDebug() << "Status: OPEN OK";

// pValueName found in registry 
LPTSTR pValueName = (LPTSTR)"PrinterData";
BYTE pData[2];
pData[0] = 0;
pData[1] = 0;

status = SetPrinterData(&hPrinter,pValueName,type,pData,sizeof(pData));
if(status) {
    qDebug() << "Status: SET OK";

BYTE buffer[263];
LPDWORD pcbNeeded = 0;

status = GetPrinterData(&hPrinter, pValueName,pType,buffer,sizeof(buffer),

if(status) {
    qDebug() << "Status: GET OK";
    qDebug() << "pType: " << pType;
    qDebug() << "pcbNeeded " << pcbNeeded;
    qDebug() << "buffer " << *buffer;

    /* Prints a bunch of numbers
    for(int i =0; i < sizeof(buffer); i++) {
        qDebug() << buffer[i];



Status: OPEN OK 
Status: SET OK 
Status: GET OK 
pType:  0x3 
pcbNeeded  0x0 
buffer  1 

I'm using Qt creator where I have included the WinSpool library

As a side note: This is my first time trying to acheive this.


I found a C# program which reads status and information in the ReadBytesFromPrinter function in PrintLabel.cs using Windows API calls, just like I would like to, but I still wasn't able to figure out my mistake/error. Thought I'd link it, if someone could spot what's wrong with my code compared to theirs.


You're misinterpreting the return values of the GetPrinterData and SetPrinterData. Those calls are in fact failing, not succeeding. The return value for success is ERROR_SUCCESS, which I believe you'll find is zero. Any other value is the error code you need to display and investigate. See the MSDN entry for SetPrinterData.

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