Using latest Phantomjs binaries v1.9.7 on Azure websites, it renders black boxes instead of character.

here is an example of simple phantomjs script on Azure:

var page = require("webpage").create();
page.content = "Hello 123";

the png and pdf result is [] [] [] [] [] [] [] in black black boxes from phantomsJS on Azure Websites

And the jpg result is big black box

This prevent us from using phantomJS as a webjob and within websites

Note : phantomjs is working fine on VM,WebRole and WorkerRole

  • I think the question is related to my… – Ammaroff Apr 9 '14 at 15:09
  • Where is index.png file located? If its located within your site wwwroot, try specifying the full path like d:\home\site\wwwroot\index.png – Ranjith Ramachandra Apr 9 '14 at 16:59
  • the problem not in png location, the file is generated successfully but with black boxes as I mentioned. But I did what you said and the same problem is still there – Ammaroff Apr 10 '14 at 17:21
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PhantomJs uses GDI+ APIs from Windows for creating fonts and vectors in PNGs and PDFs which is, unfortunately, not supported currently on Azure Websites

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