I'm trying to read data attribute from its tag in Java with the library pixelmed. the code that I had is :

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, DicomException {

DicomInputStream my_image = new DicomInputStream(new File("/Volumes/CDP/20130212101717421/20130212101636203"));

AttributeList list = new AttributeList();

SpecificCharacterSet sc=new SpecificCharacterSet(list);
PersonNameAttribute pna=new PersonNameAttribute(TagFromName.PatientName,1000,my_image,sc);



With this code i get data of all attributes :

�ISO_IR ... etc etc                    

But I just want to get the information on the tag (0x0010,0x0010).


Have you considered:

AttributeList list = new AttributeList();
String patientName=Attribute.getDelimitedStringValuesOrEmptyString(list,TagFromName.PatientName);

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