I have the following setup (but really 30 LI items) in Notepad++

<li>1. test1</li>
<li>2. test2</li>
<li>3. test3</li>
<li>4. test4</li>
<li>5. test5</li>
<li>6. test6</li>
<li>7. test7</li>

But I want to replace the first 3 characters after each <li> item so that it looks like this...


Is this possible with with any UI tools in Notepad++? Or do I have to manually go by hand and fix my HTML page...

Thanks for any advice!


Hey there why don't you use Column edition :) it's pretty easy with it :)

it's something like Alt + click then you drag all the column you want :)

here is a link : http://notepad-plus-plus.org/features/column-mode-editing.html


Clad Clad suggest a nice way, but you can also use regex search and replace if lines are too many that are scrolling off the screen.

  • Find what: (<li>)\d+\.\s*(.+</li>)

  • Replace with: \1\2

  • select Regular Expression check box, click Replace All

enter image description here

  • +1 for more in-depth pages. I will keep this mind for the bigger projects – klewis Apr 9 '14 at 16:15

Just replace \d+. (with a space in the end) by nothing. Remember to check on the regular expression option.

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