I have an HTML, and i need to get some nodes by class. So i can't do it because

  1. I dunno XML path
  2. Items needed has no ID, only class
  3. HtmlAgilityPack do not allow to get all elements (like XDocument allows), but doc.Elements() works only if i have an id, but i haven't. So i also dunno XML path so i cannot use SelectNodes method
  4. I cannot use regexps

my code was

public static class HapHelper
    private static HtmlNode GetByAttribute(this IEnumerable<HtmlNode> htmlNodes, string attribute, string value)
        return htmlNodes.First(d => d.HasAttribute(attribute) && d.Attributes[attribute].ToString() == value);

    public static HtmlNode GetElemenyByAttribute(this HtmlNode parentNode, string attribute, string value)
        return GetByAttribute(parentNode.Descendants(), attribute, value);

    public static bool HasAttribute(this HtmlNode d, string attribute)
        return d.Attributes.Contains(attribute);

    public static HtmlNode GetElementByClass(this HtmlNode parentNode, string value)
        return parentNode.GetElemenyByAttribute("class", value);

but it doesn't works, because Descendants() returns only nearest nodes.

What can I do?


Learn XPath! :-) It's really simple, and will serve you well. In this case, what you want is:

SelectNodes("//*[@class='" + classValue + "']") ?? Enumerable.Empty<HtmlNode>();
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  • +1. Note that if you want JQuery-like selector (class contains given value) you need to use .contains function. – Alexei Levenkov Apr 9 '14 at 21:53

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