I've downloaded the exact version this text asked me to however the '%' is giving me a problem.

x = raw_input('Enter an integer:')
if x%2 == 0:
   print ''
   print 'Even'
   print ''
   print 'Odd'
print 'Done with conditional'

It is only the '%' operator giving me a problem. Any other operator and the script runs fine. I've read that the version matters because '%' can also be 'string interpolation operator' but like I said I believe the version I have matches my text. WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

Thanks and yes I have pretty much just picked up my first book on programming.


The raw_input() function returns a string, not an integer. To change it to an integer, you have to call the int() function:

x = int(raw_input('Enter an integer:'))

Note that an error will be raised if you input anything other than a number.

What python thinks you're doing is trying to use string formatting with the % operator. As there are no "%" in the string you input, the error "not all arguments converted during string formatting" is raised.

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    @OP You might use % in the manner that Python THINKS you're using it in by doing x = "It costs $%.2f" and x % 2 which would give you It costs $2.00. Of course you're not doing that, but since x is a string, Python ASSUMES that you are. – Adam Smith Apr 10 '14 at 2:35

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