I'm new to JavaScript automation stuff, especially yeoman (so new that I'm still delighted by the ASCII greet)

    |       |
    |--(o)--|   .--------------------------.
   `---------´  |    Welcome to Yeoman,    |
    ( _´U`_ )   |   ladies and gentlemen!  |
    /___A___\   '__________________________'
     |  ~  |
 ´   `  |° ´ Y `

What does 'Ynaxdh' stand for? Yes, no, ... ?


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Here the complete list of answers:

  • Y: yes (Default)
  • n: no
  • a: yes to this question and all others (or always yes).
  • x: abort (exit)
  • d: show the differences between the old and the new file
  • h: help, list all options

So if you don't remember this definitions you can always enter h and see the list. Also in the new version, when you enter one of the letters you will see the definition showing behind the question.

The one in uppercase is the default one. If that is your choice, you can just hit enter.

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    If it helps, a is for "always yes" and x is for exit.
    – CWSpear
    Nov 7, 2014 at 6:34
  • wow, coming back to this question 2 years later - thanks for filling in the missing details!
    – ina
    Dec 22, 2016 at 22:31

Ynaxdh are the possible answers to the question you are being asked. For example:

[?] Overwrite Gruntfile.js? (Ynaxdh)

Y for yes

n for no

h likely stands for help, use it to find the rest of the definitions


While importing Jhipster-jdl.jh file you may also be faced with (ynaxdH), which each letter stands as follow:

? Overwrite src\main\resources\config\liquibase\master.xml? (ynaxdH)
y) overwrite
n) do not overwrite
a) overwrite this and all others
x) abort
d) show the differences between the old and the new
h) Help, list all options

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