Occasionally we get this error when communicating between my motion control software and a plasma cutting torch. What the serial link is being used for is a one time setup of cutting information before the cutting begins. I am using VB6 and MSComm for this.

I know the port itself has lunched because after it occurs other serial comm software (diagnostics, etc) can't access the port either. I would like to understand what MSCOmm is doing when it received this error so I can find a better hardware solution.

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Try using a different OCX

www.comm32.com has a control that mimics mscomm but has many improvements

Mscomm32.ocx is still fully supported by Microsoft. You could ask their support people to help. If you have an MSDN subscription, you may be entitled to free support incidents.

Apologies if you'd already thought of that, I hope someone else can give you a direct solution.

I've got the same problem and that is why entered into this forum. After going deeper into the problem of communication getting lost, found the intermitence belongs to my USB-RS232 converter module. Mainly because it is working controling external hardware it gets exposed to electrical noise causing a disruption to the USB-RS232 module. It gets resolved by unplugging it and putting it back, or by turning off the whole system. Make sure your software issue is not a hardare problem

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    The OP was asking about MSComm and what it is doing when the error occurs. – psubsee2003 Sep 29 '12 at 8:36

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