I'm not able to get open first tab on page load. Code below.

    <ul id="rowTab" class="nav nav-tabs">
              <li class="active"><a data-toggle="tab" href="#tab_a">Tab A</a></li>
              <li><a data-toggle="tab" href="#tab_b">Tab B</a></li>
              <li><a data-toggle="tab" href="#tab_c">Tab C</a></li>
              <li><a data-toggle="tab" href="#tab_d">Tab D</a></li>

    <div class="tab-content">
             <div id="tab_a" class="tab-pane fade active">
             Tab A inner
             <div id="tab_b" class="tab-pane fade">
             Tab B inner              
             <div id="tab_c" class="tab-pane fade">
             Tab C inner       
             <div id="tab_d" class="tab-pane fade">
             Tab D inner

and jQuery

<script type="text/javascript">
        $('#rowTab a:first').tab('show');

Any clue why is not working?


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Remove the fade class from the first tab's content..

<div id="tab_a" class="tab-pane active">
    Tab A inner



And working version with the fade

<div id="tab_a" class="tab-pane active fade in">
    Tab A inner

Baghoo - Thanks for pointing me to what is causing issue


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