So I'm using Google code prettify with AnchorCMS. All other languages but HTML work. This is what I'm trying to use.

<pre class="prettyprint lang-html">
<!DOCTYPE html>

But I think that the editor is interpreting the HTML within the <pre> tags and that's why Its not working. Here's what happens when I try to show the above code. And there's this example that I used <pre class="prettyprint lang-js"> on. I'm not really sure what to do now. Any ideas? Also sorry for the direct link to my website. I wouldn't of been able to show it on JSFiddle

  • you're lucky with js) try for(i=0; i<10; i++); code, it should be breaked too – vp_arth Apr 10 '14 at 20:25
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    I'm shocked that the title "HTML won't work" was actually accurate and didn't get closed by the stackoverflow moderators. – Parris Apr 19 '14 at 22:35
  • The title is accurate within a very limited context which the title doesn't introduce. My immediate reaction was to down-vote it. I'll hold off on that, but I encourage the OP to change the title. – mc0e Apr 20 '14 at 15:01

@zzzzBov is right, the browser requires the entities in your markup you want displayed to be encoded.

But according to Chromes source view, it seems your CMS might automatically unescape your markup again when it outputs it:

enter image description here

In this bug report from somebody having the same issue, the maintainer recommends a custom theme function to get around this problem:

In version 0.9 and 1.0 the content of a post and pages are not changed when saved to the database, so if you input html code like text it will be rendered as html, if you want html encoded you will have to input it encoded like <b>text</b>.

To get around this you could use a custom function in the theme functions.php file to handle the content exactly how you like.

function mytheme_article_content() {
    // if you just want the raw content you saved
    return Registry::prop('article', 'html');

    // if you want the content to be parsed with markdown
    $md = new Markdown;
    return $md->transform(Registry::prop('article', 'html'));

    // if you want to encode any html in you posts
    return htmlentities(Registry::prop('article', 'html'), ENT_NOQUOTES, Config::app('encoding'));

So you have a few options you can mix around with to get the output you want. And in your template just replace article_html with mytheme_article_content.

I would wager that the last line (return htmlentities...) might be the version you are looking for, so try and delete the two lines above it starting with return and call mytheme_article_content in your template file as the maintainer suggested.

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The contents of the <pre> tag need to be HTML encoded.

Instead of using <, >, ", and & characters, you'll need to use their encoded counterparts:

  • < becomes &lt;
  • > becomes &gt;
  • " becomes &quot;
  • & becomes &amp;
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  • So it would look like this? &lt;pre class="prettyprint lang-html"&gt; – user3444414 Apr 10 '14 at 20:17
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    @user3444414, no, you want the contents of the <pre> tag to use the entities, the <pre> tag itself needs to still be raw HTML. – zzzzBov Apr 10 '14 at 21:16
  • This is what I currently have <pre class="prettyprint lang-html">&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt; </pre> But all I get is a blank code box. As seen here colourity.com/posts/html-doctype-declaration – Idris Apr 10 '14 at 22:07
  • I just tried doing this on the developer tools since it won't work on the editor. And it still wont work..... – user3444414 Apr 11 '14 at 19:20

try to

$('.prettyprint').text('<!DOCTYPE html>');


document.querySelector('.prettyprint').innerText('<!DOCTYPE html>');

This automatically encode html entities for a browser

If you are use serverside script language like PHP better to encode it on the server:


<pre class="prettyprint lang-html">
   <?=htmlspecialchars('<!DOCTYPE html>');?>
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  • yes, also wrap it in window.onload=function(){ ... } or $(document).ready(function(){ ... }) – vp_arth Apr 10 '14 at 20:18
  • use you PHP on the server? – vp_arth Apr 10 '14 at 20:19
  • Yes I use PHP on the server – user3444414 Apr 10 '14 at 20:19
  • use htmlspecialchars for this on the serverside – vp_arth Apr 10 '14 at 20:21
  • Take a look at what I get now. colourity.com/posts/html-doctype-declaration – user3444414 Apr 10 '14 at 20:25

This must be handled on the server. I guess you have a CMS system with plugins. (Looks like you could be using WP.)

Then try a plugin for code prettyfying. Such a plugin can handle this for you.

If it does not work, then ask the plugin author if s/he wants to fix it.

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  • I'm using AnchorCMS as stated in my question. Which doesn't support plugins just yet. – user3444414 Apr 14 '14 at 2:19
  • Oh, sorry, I did not notice. ;-) -- Then follow the advices of zzzzBov and vp_arth (the PHP part). Unfortunately it does not get easier than that. – Leo Apr 14 '14 at 3:34

Rather use following HTML tag to do so:

<xmp >
    <!doctype html>

For sure it will work.

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  • Will you please elaborate. – Rohit Paul Apr 15 '14 at 4:02
  • It doesn't display <!DOCTYPE html> – Idris Apr 15 '14 at 11:13

This <pre class="prettyprint lang-html">&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;</pre> displays <!DOCTYPE html> ìn my browser (chrome). This is what your page source code is atm

<pre class="lang-html">
     <!DOCTYPE html>

Page might not be updated ?

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  • Just updated it to your code, but here's whats happening. Once I save the post it turns into <!DOCTYPE html> – user3444414 Apr 17 '14 at 19:14
  • No. The editor gets rid of the &lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;, so it won't work. – user3444414 Apr 17 '14 at 20:44
  • As posted in the bounty description and various other questions. – user3444414 Apr 17 '14 at 20:45

You have some malformed HTML which could cause some elements to not render as requested.

enter image description here

Also, where is the source coming from -- a database ?, could you paste exactly what it looks like if you took the data raw from the database (using Navicat or another non-web based tool), and pasted it into Windows Notepad (exactly what is stored .. may have to run it through an online encoder to see)

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  • Its coming from a database. This is what I get <pre class="prettyprint lang-html">&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;</pre> – user3444414 Apr 20 '14 at 15:33

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