I am using Javascript to create a standalone script that will be invoked by a C#.NET application. It will not run within a browser, instead it will use the Jurassic engine.

I want to be able to use jQuery in this script. I normally reference jQuery using HTML <script> tags, but how do you include the jQuery file in a standalone Javascript file?

I am thinking of PHP's include() function.

  • Look at this example where he adds javascript libraries to Jurassic script engine. Its just so add strings before your script code. frederictorres.blogspot.se/2013/11/… . But I am not sure you can add jQuery. It is for DOM selecting and Jurassic do not give you the DOM like a webbrowser. See: stackoverflow.com/q/10886161/648076 " I have looked at .Net javascript engines such as Jurassic and Jint, but neither support loading a DOM, and so therefore can't do what I need." – Patrik Lindström Feb 26 '17 at 19:49

just put a minified Version in top of your standalone js-file !

it should be as simple as that

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