I've developed a Spring Batch with 10 Step. How can i execute a specific Step ?

My wish is to passed in JobParameter the Step to execute. Only the Step specified in JobParameter must be executed.

I searched to use the Decider, but i'm not really satisfied. There's a better Solution ?

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot.


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    I doubt you can do it, I think Your only hope is Decider. – Elbek Apr 10 '14 at 23:27
  • Hi, yes, the solution is the decider. I finally used it. Thanks a lot – mickael camelot Apr 17 '14 at 14:04

The Decider is the correct option for the type of processing you're talking about. I'd be interested in why you were "not really satisfied" by that option?

  • Hi, after differents tests, i finally used the decider. It is not so bad and do the job, i've used it in bad way in other dev. – mickael camelot Apr 17 '14 at 14:02

Yes, you can test an individual step using JobLauncherTestUtils#launchStep.

Please have a look at section 10.3. Testing Individual Steps

Find a sample code here Spring Batch unit test example

  • Thanks for answer, it's interesting ! but my problem were to know how to execute a unique step and not testing. But i keep your link in mind. Thanks – mickael camelot Apr 17 '14 at 14:03
  • Sorry I don't know how to launch an individual step in spring batch but you can do it using JobLauncherTestUtils if possible. – Braj Apr 17 '14 at 14:22

I had similar use case. I wanted to pass job name and step name as the input and expectation was to execute only that particular step from the job.

I created a Rest API which accepts job name and step name as URL parameters. Below is the code inside the Rest API. It requires few objects injected into the class.

jobRegistry - instance of MapJobRegistry

jobRepository - instance of jobRepository

jobLauncher - instance of JobLauncher

    Job job = null;
    Step step = null;
       Job job = jobRegistry.getJob(jobName);
       if(job instanceof StepLocator){
           Step = ((StepLocator)job).getStep(stepName);
    }catch(NoSuchJobException ex){ 
          throw new Exception("Invalid Job", ex);
    }catch(NoSuchStepException ex){ 
          throw new Exception("Invalid Step", ex);

    if(null == step){
        throw new Exception("invalid step");

    JobBuilderFactory jobBuilder = new JobBuiderFactory(jobRepository);
    Job newJob = jobBuilder.get("specific-step-job")
    jobLauncher.run(newJob, jobParameters); //jobParameters relevant for this job

This will dynamically create a new job with name "specific-step-job" and add the specific step instance as the start/only step inside the new Job and executes this job.

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