I have trained a RandomForestClassifier from Python Sckit Learn Module with very big dataset, but question is how can I possibly save this model and let other people apply it on their end. Thank you!


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The recommended method is to use joblib, this will result in a much smaller file than a pickle:

from sklearn.externals import joblib
joblib.dump(clf, 'filename.pkl') 

#then your colleagues can load it

clf = joblib.load('filename.pkl')

See the online docs


Have you tried pickling the RandomForestClassifier using the Pickle module and then saving it to the disk?

Here’s an example based on the pickle docs:

import pickle

classifier = RandomForestClassifier(etc)
output = open('classifier.pkl', 'wb')
pickle.dump(classifier, output)

The “other people” could then reload the pickled object as follows:

import pickle

f = open('classifier.pkl', 'rb')
classifier = pickle.load(f)

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