I try to understand below terms but still having confusion on it

  • microprocessor

  • processor

  • cores

  • processor cores

  • physical cores

  • logical cores

To my knowledge

microprocessor (CPU) == processor

Every system is having only one processor but we can have more cores

But what is the difference between processor and core ?

What is physical cores and logical cores ?

Please explain it.


Modern Microprocessors may have multiple cores, think of a core as a unit of computation, for example: the original Pentium processor had just one core in one chip, in these days is possible to have multiple cores in one chip (like a CoreI7), that is the Multi-core processor.

Some people refers to phsyical cores to the number of absolute cores in the chip, but there is another technology called multi-threading that allows to run multiple threads[1] in the same pipeline of the core, taking advantage of the duplication of processing units P.U. let me try to clarify, for example a CoreI7 from Intel, has (at least some models) 4 cores inside the same chip or multiprocessor and also every core can run 2 threads simultaneously, you can think of a "logical core as" a thread it is a programming abstraction. So basically you can have 8 concurrent threads in a CoreI7 with 4 cores with Multi-threading.

Hope this helps to clarify, Wikipedia you can read more in depth.


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