I've got a little problem with a parallelized compilation.

I've got more than 200 projects developed with Visual Studio 2010 in a solution. I would like to test parallelized compilation using Make in order to compare with Visual Studio compilation.

All of the structure of Makefile is correct. And I use this command for MSBuild.

msbuild.exe $(1).vcxproj -t:Build -p:Configuration=$(VS_CONFIG) -nologo -clp:NoSummary\;ShowCommandLine -p:BuildProjectReferences=false

I call make -j4 all in order to build my application but I've got the impression that Make don't build the dependencies of my projects in the Makefile.dependencies.

I've got this message :

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'dependency.lib' [C:\project.vcxproj]

The dependency in question is not built during the process when the project needs it. So, do you have an idea to resolve my problem ? Because it's really weird...

Thank you all!


I found the solution. I have to put .PHONY in my case because targets of Makefile have the same name of directories. Bye!

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