Currently i'm using TagLib Sharp as suggested in one of the posts @stackoverflow for reading id3-Tag out of mp3, flac, ogg and similar multimedia files .. now i just realized, that id3v2 (maybe even v1) supports custom tags but i can't find the implementation for reading/writing custom tags in TagLib Sharp. Does anybody know of a library that supports custom fields?


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Still searching.. found this page:


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    If you don't find one, I recommend filing a feature request with the TagLib Sharp project. – Foole Feb 20 '10 at 9:12
  • good idea, i'll think about that! /christian – Christian Casutt Apr 22 '10 at 6:33
  • Hi there, has this ever been found? – Fedaykin Sep 14 '17 at 20:18

You can try to add a new frame (instead of entire new custom tag). As example, if you want to add a new "Acoustid Duration" TXXX-Frame to an existing *.mp3 file, you can use the taglib-sharp library and something like

Dim MyTaglibMP3 As TagLib.File = TagLib.File.Create("C:\temp\I'm Alive.mp3")
Dim id3v2tag As TagLib.Id3v2.Tag = CType(MyTaglibMP3.GetTag(TagLib.TagTypes.Id3v2), TagLib.Id3v2.Tag)
Dim AcoustidDurationTXXXFrame As New TagLib.Id3v2.UserTextInformationFrame("Acoustid Duration", TagLib.StringType.UTF16)
AcoustidDurationTXXXFrame.Text = {"207"}

Of course, this works with every other already defined id3v2 type like "CommentsFrame", "PrivateFrame", "TextInformationFrame" and even "UnsynchronisedLyricsFrame".

If you don't want that the id3v2tag will be encoded with UTF-16, choose another TagLib.StringType


Have you tried to do it with csid3lib ?



This article on codeproject has a library that supports any type of tags (including custom tags). I have used it a long time ago but I remember it supports custom tags. But I think TagLib is more robust.


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