I m learning java reflection. I tried

Class.forName("java.lang.System").getMethod("exit", Integer.TYPE).invoke(null, 3);

and it works. I successfully also ran


Now how can i invoke System.out.println reflectively

java.lang.Class.forName("java.lang.System").getMethod("out.println", String.class).invoke(null, "Hi!"); 

is giving error. I know System does not have out function. So suggest a way to call System.out.println reflectively

Here is the complete example

public class ReflectionDemo1 {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
// java.lang.System.exit(3);
// java.lang.Class.forName("java.lang.System").getMethod("exit", Integer.TYPE).invoke(null, 3);
// java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis()
// System.out.println(Class.forName("java.lang.System").getMethod("currentTimeMillis").invoke(null));
// System.out.println("Hi!");
java.lang.Class.forName("java.lang.System").getMethod("out.println", String.class).invoke(null, "Hi!");

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out is a static field of the java.lang.System class.

You can use the Field class to refer to it

Class<?> systemClass = java.lang.Class.forName("java.lang.System");
Field outField = systemClass.getDeclaredField("out");

The type of that field is PrintStream. You don't need to know that really, but you do need to retrieve the corresponding Class object for it.

Class<?> printStreamClass = outField.getType();

We know it has a println(String) method, so we can retrieve that too

Method printlnMethod = printStreamClass.getDeclaredMethod("println", String.class);

Now, since println(String) is an instance method, we need to invoke it on an instance. Which instance? The one referenced by the out field. That out field is static so we can get it by passing null to Field#get(object).

Object object = outField.get(null);

Then we invoke the method

printlnMethod.invoke(object, "Hi!");

I came across this same challenge while working through "Core Java for the Impatient" by Cay S. Horstmann (Excellent read btw).


First, obtain a Field object using the reflective getField method.

Field f = System.class.getField("out")

Now obtain a Method object from the underlying value of the Field object. In this case, it is the static field out of the System class. You are able to pass in null as the argument due to it being a static field.

Method m = f.get(null).getClass().getMethod("println", String.class);

Finally, invoke the method using the underlying value of the Field object.

m.invoke(f.get(null), "Hello, World");

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