I am writing a Batch script wherein I need to use a wild card in an if statement to match a variable against a string. If it matches, the program will go further.

if "!_var!"=="str*" (



This is the syntax I have used, but I found that it is not working out at all.

echo %var% |findstr /b "str" >nul && (
  echo yes
  some more commands
) || (
  echo no
  some more commands

looks for (/b= at the beginning) str, (don't write to screen >nul) , if found (&&) do something, if not found (||) do another thing.

You can also add a /i to make it case-insensitive.


IF doesn't support pattern matching but you can extract the first three characters from the variable's value and compare it to str.

The syntax for substring extraction is this:


and similarly for delayed expansion:


So, in your case it would be:

IF "!_var:~0,3!" == "str" (

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