I am testing Google Analytics Goals but I am not sure if I have it set up correctly. I set up a basic 3 step goal just as a test. I then went to my website and performed those three steps. Should that immediately show up in Google Analytics under the Goal reports or does it take a few days? I need to know so I can know if I need to be troubleshooting or not.

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You can see goals appear instantly in the Real Time Conversions report.

One other thing to bear in mind when testing: make sure you aren't filtering out your IP address as you won't see any results from testing.

  • Perfect! Thank you. Solve my problem. The standard reports may take a while and really hard to test viewing this page. But I can see the event right away from this Real-Time tab. Feb 26, 2018 at 3:43

It can take 24 - 48 hours to show up in the standard reports (Conversions -> Goals -> ...)

Data processing latency

Processing latency is 24-48 hours. Standard accounts that send more than 200,000 visits per day to Google Analytics will result in the reports being refreshed only once a day. This can delay updates to reports and metrics for up to two days. To restore intra-day processing, reduce the number of visits you send to < 200,000 per day. For Premium accounts, this limit is extended to 2 billion hits per month.

Basic Goal Data can be found almost instantly in the Real-time -> Conversions report


Yes, it can take 24 - 48 hours to show up in the standard reports.But I could not wait to make sure if it is sending the right data so I used chrome extension. You can check the Analytics tracking code by using Chrome extension Google Analytics Debugger.

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