Is there a way to preload some file before each time I run node (interactively), just like .vimrc, .bash_profile, etc.?

I use node mainly interactively, and I use the module CSV a lot, is there a way to avoid typing require('./csv') every time I start node?

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Create an initialization file ( for example ~/.noderc):

var csv = require('csv');

// put a blank line in the end of the file

Now add this line to your shell config (.bashrc / .zshrc / whatever shell you use) :

alias nodei="cat ~/.noderc - | node -i"


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    What does the dash - do? – mindeavor Jun 23 '15 at 14:52
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    The - tells cat to use the input from stdin, if any is present. The stdin data is treated like just another file, so cat will output the contents of ~/.noderc plus whatever gets piped into it. In this particular case, it gies you the option to pipe another file into the nodei command to run extra preload code, e.g. cat anotherFile.js | nodei. – Daniel Imfeld Jan 21 '16 at 20:41

@Ilan Frumer provided one way to do it. I think I'll give another choice here: build a REPL of your own.

From their documentation. You can find a way to write a repl of your own. You can add whatever scripts before and after the interations of it, and even use some advance API's.

For example, I created a file called .noderc.js under ~ as follows

repl = require('repl');

myFunc = function(){
    console.log("Hello, there!");

repl.start("> ");

And you can go ahead and alias nodei="node ~/.noderc.js",

$ nodei
> myFunc()
Hello, there!

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