How can I change the default white window background color in Squeak or Pharo ? I am new to smalltalk and Morphic, i looked at the morphic classes but did not found the correct instance variables. Thanks.


I think this question may be closer to what you need.

Looks like you may have to use a tiled window manager.

Colored Window Theme in Pharo?


you need to do something like this:

| morph |

SystemWindow new 
    addMorph: (morph := Morph new) fullFrame: LayoutFrame identity;

morph color: Color red.

Note: this is on Pharo


On Pharo (I used 3.0), check the UITheme hierarchy.

For quick hacking, you can directly edit UITheme and subclasses. For a more permanent solution, create your own subclass and install it as the current theme. To change the background color of all Transcripts, as you requested, you would override #textEditorNormalFillStyleFor:, as you can see in the ugly (for effect) screenshot...

Pharo default window color changed

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