I am trying to get the query parameters in the url.

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this...

which leaves me with the feeling that I must have missed a something in the doc.

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Just call

Router.current().params //params is the dict you wanted

in Iron Router 7.1+

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Interestingly three answers and no one offered the complete answer.

Iron-Router 1.0.x

From within a route, use:

// URL: http://example.com/page/?myquerykey=true
this.params.query   // returns the full query object
this.params.query.myquerykey   // returns a particular query value

Similarly, outside of the route (but still inside the client code), and inside your template, use:

// URL: http://example.com/page/?myquerykey=true

Query parameters, not to be confused with parameters passed via the URL.

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iron router >= 1.0

A route's query parameters are available as properties of this.params.query.

If your URL looked like:


then this.params.query.sort_by would equal 'created_at'.

iron router < 1.0

A route's query parameters are available as properties of this.params.

If your URL looked like:


then this.params.sort_by would equal 'created_at'.

  • I thought that too but the query parameters are not showing up in the this.params
    – Pat
    Apr 14, 2014 at 3:14
  • It should work, try using this debug hook Router.onBeforeAction(function(){console.log(this.params);}); and typing any URL with query parameters to access your app, you'll see them in the console.
    – saimeunt
    Apr 14, 2014 at 4:25
  • @saimeunt - as I said, this.params is empty
    – Pat
    Apr 14, 2014 at 6:43
  • @pat It would be really helpful if you could update your question with a simplified version of the URL and the route. Apr 14, 2014 at 15:03
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    This is now this.params.query.sort_by in Iron Router v1.0.
    – Brad Vogel
    Nov 10, 2014 at 20:36

In Iron Router 1.0.0, you need to use


to get it

For example, if you route is /xxx/?a=b


outputs 'b'


try tihs:


and in router.js file routing must be:


Ensure that if you are using Router.go that your first parameter is a template name, and not a path. query parameters are not passed if you specify a path.


Encoded URI undefined Solution:

The better way to get the query parameters object is:


Using the suggested option of:


Is ok as long as you are not working with encodedURI parameters, when using this option with encodedURI parameter, the parameter will be equal to undefined.

Example below:

{ // console.log(this.params.query)
    product: 'Chair',
    ip: '',
    message: 'My Little Chair',
    request: '100% Discount',
    severity: '4',
    api_key: 'XXXXX' 

{ // console.log(this.params.query)
    product: 'Chair',
    ip: '',
    message: 'My Little Chair',
    request: 'undefined', // NOTICE THIS CHANGED TO UNDEFINED!
    severity: '4',
    api_key: 'XXXXX' 

Original Query String:
?product=Chair&ip= Little Chair&request=100%25%20Discount&severity=4&api_key=XXXXX

You can pass queries like this depending on where you accessing the router:

In the template

{{pathFor 'routeName' query='queryName=queryValue'}}

In the helper

Router.go ('routeName',{},{query: 'queryName=queryValue'}

Note: the empty object between the routeName and the query is if you want to specify any parameters (refer to the full docs to see the difference).

If you would like to pass multiple queries do it like this:

query: 'queryName1=queryValue&queryName2=queryValue'

Don't use spaces and remember to use the & sign.

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