I am working on an application in that I need to display the sub menu of "New" context menu. i.e. when we right click on the desktop, we get new context menu item, on clicking on new, we get "Folder", "shortcut", "Text Document" and etc.

My questions are-

  1. Is there any API to Get List to sub menu of new?
  2. Also is there any API to get sub menu of "Send To"?

The New and Send To menu items are simple shell extensions which implement the IContextMenu(2,3) interfaces. The CLSID of the New shell extension is {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719}, and the CLSID of the Send To shell extension is {7BA4C740-9E81-11CF-99D3-00AA004AE837}. So you need to implement the host for IContextMenu interface.

  1. Create one of the COM objects

  2. Query it for IContextMenu and IShellExtInit

  3. Call IShellExtInit.Initialize()

  4. Create a temp menu

  5. Call IContextMenu.QueryContextMenu()

In the temp menu, you will have all of the available commands.

  1. To run a command call IContextMenu.InvokeCommand().

A lot of details you can find in The Old New Thing blog:

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  • it worked for me, thanks for the solution. On more question, once i click on any option(text, folder, short cut). it creates file, but it will not be in edit mode, i.e. on clicking on test file, it creates "New Text document.txt". user has to explicitly need to rename the item. – Umesha MS Apr 15 '14 at 7:12
  • "New" shell extension is waiting that it is called from Windows Explorer and it has more integration with Explorer. Explorer provide a lot of interfaces like IShellView through IObjectWithSite interface of shell extension. And it allows to shell extension to call user friendly rename functionality. – Denis Anisimov Apr 15 '14 at 7:53
  • Hi New worked fine, but when i created Send To, then on context menu Send to comes. but on clicking on send to display empty list. do i need to any changes to send to apart from New. – Umesha MS Apr 23 '14 at 8:42
  • With which parameters do you call IShellExtInit.Initialize? – Denis Anisimov Apr 23 '14 at 9:02
  • ShellExtInit->Initialize(NULL, _pdtobj, NULL); I initialized IdataObject – Umesha MS Apr 23 '14 at 11:13

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