Here's the XML code I'm working with:

        <lemonade supplier="mother" id="1">
        <lemonade supplier="mike" id="4">
        <pop supplier="store" id="2">

Then I wrote a simple code to practice working with XPath:

    $xmldoc = new DOMDocument();

    $xpathvar = new Domxpath($xmldoc);

    $queryResult = $xpathvar->query('//lemonade/price');
    foreach($queryResult as $result) {
        echo $result->textContent;

That code is working well, outputting all the lemonade price values as expected. Now when i change the query string to select only the elements with an attribute set to a certain value, like




it won't work, no output at all. What am i doing wrong?


Try this:




Without the "@" it looks for child elements with that name instead of attributes.


This is only tangentially related, but when you use XPath on a document for which you know the structure, don't use "//some-element-name". It's very nice for a quick example, but when you hit a huge xml file with that query, particularly if it is followed by something complex, you will quickly run into performance issues.



you have to use the @ sign to indicate attribute within the predicate like so: //lemonade[@supplier="mother"]/price, that's all.

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