I am debugging a python script which sys.path looks like

sys.path = ['','home/my_library', ..]

I'm having troubles to set a breakpoint in a module from my_library while using pdb. The script imports the library with:

import my_library as foo

In turn, my_library makes its module(s) available by:

from my_module import bar

How can address my_module's code while running pdb on my script?

PS: I have tried the followings without success:

b my_module:1
b my_library.my_module:1
b my_library.bar:1
b foo.my_module:1
b foo.bar:1

You qualify the breakpoints with the filename, not the object name:

>>> import pdb
>>> import artwork  # module we want to break inside
>>> pdb.set_trace()
> <console>(1)<module>()->None
(Pdb) b artwork/models.py:1
Breakpoint 1 at /home/user/projects/artwork/models.py:1

See also this answer.

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    ah yes, the point was to put the slash, not the dot! Doh! What we would call a Columbus' egg!! Solution is then b my_library/my_module. Thanks a lot :-) – Niccolò Apr 14 '14 at 22:36

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