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Why does my website appear smaller on a live server than when deployed locally?

So I wanted to reask this question, but please don't say there is already a duplicate. I thought the answer of that page is just basic information, and didn't fix my problem.

My question is similar, the same page in my PC renders fine(Firefox, Chrome), but the same one on a server rendered smaller by Firefox(Chrome OK). My local webpage is using the URIfile:/// and I have hosted a page on a free server, of course the URI would then behtml://. That is all I know.

Local: enter image description here!

Web: enter image description here!

As you can see, both screen sizes are exactly the same, the CSS is the same, not zoomed in, I suspect it is how Firefox handle px sizes differently, but this is the 1st time happening. Why? How to fix?

Extra Information:

I discovered if I zoom in in Firefox 1 time in the page on the server, it is the same size as the page locally


Is it possible you're zoomed in? Try pressing control + 0 to reset the zoom, or using control + the mousewheel.

  • no. Tryied Ctrl + 0 million times :( – Daniel Cheung Apr 15 '14 at 1:14

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