I connect to my SpiceWorks database via PHP using the SQLITE3 PDO. I am trying to display a list of devices in order by IP address. Here is my current query:

SELECT name, ip_address FROM `devices` ORDER BY ip_address

The problem with this is that it organizes them weird like this:

enter image description here

Is there any easy way to fix this problem?

It is not possible for me to edit the database because it would through SpiceWorks off. I need a way to do this in SQL.

  • That depends on how you're storing your IP addresses. Is it a string column? If so, that's your problem. – meagar Apr 15 '14 at 19:33
  • Yes. SpiceWorks stores them in a varchar field. There is no way for me to change that because SpiceWorks uses the database too. – AJ Birone Apr 15 '14 at 19:37
  • You have to substring that in segments separated by each dot and order as desired.Mysql has substring_index,I`m not familiar with sqlite. – Mihai Apr 15 '14 at 19:37
  • Not sure about sqlite, but in mysql you could ORDER BY INET_ATON(ip_address) ... don't know if sqlite has a similar function – keithhatfield Apr 15 '14 at 19:40
  • INET_ATON is not a valid SQLITE function. – AJ Birone Apr 15 '14 at 19:42

Have you tried INET_ATON function? This is probably a late answer, but maybe it'll help others.

SELECT name, ip_address
FROM devices
  • 2
    INET_ATON is a MySQL function. The question is about SQLITE. – Justin Howard Feb 24 '16 at 21:23

I have implemented like this:


CAST(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')-1) AS INTEGER),  

   CAST(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')-1) AS INTEGER), 

        CAST(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')))+length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')))+length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')-1) AS INTEGER), 

        CAST(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')))+length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')))+length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')))+ length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+length(substr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)) ,1, instr(substr(trim(IP),length(substr(trim(IP),1,instr(trim(IP),'.')))+1,length(IP)),'.')))+1,length(trim(IP))) AS INTEGER)
CAST(substr(ip_address,1,instr(ip_address,'.')) AS NUMERIC),
CAST(substr(ip_address,instr(ip_address,'.'), instr(substr(ip_address,instr(ip_address,'.')))) AS NUMERIC),

Something like that should work. It'll be nasty though. (This should sort by the first two octets...)

  • basically, sort by the string from first letter to the first dot, then from the first dot to the next dot after the first dot... – DimeCadmium Apr 15 '14 at 19:47
  • That still won't work, it will still sort 113 before 20. You need to convert each substring to a number for sorting purposes. – meagar Apr 15 '14 at 19:59
  • ^ Fixed. Added CASTs -- NB I'm not able to test this at the moment; there may be some nice off-by-ones in this. – DimeCadmium Apr 15 '14 at 20:03
  • Guys read my answer below. It will work. 100% true. In my project it's implemented. – NEV Feb 28 '16 at 4:35

Since I only cared about the last octet, I was able to use the very simple

SELECT name, ip_address FROM `devices`
ORDER BY CAST(substr(ip_address, 10) AS NUMERIC) DESC;

My ip had 9 characters before the last octet


You have the fields as VARCHAR or some other character field, so it is sorting them by the first number. You need to CAST the type to a number in the order by statement.

Like this:

SELECT name, ip_address
FROM devices

CAST(PARSENAME([ip_address], 4) AS INT),
CAST(PARSENAME([ip_address], 3) AS INT),
CAST(PARSENAME([ip_address], 2) AS INT),
CAST(PARSENAME([ip_address], 1) AS INT)

Just not sure if this works in SQLlite.....


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