I have code that looks like this


So if the original filename is


My code modifies that blue.txt file and the new file is then named


How can I remove that first ".txt" so that I only get



Try like this :


Most likely a simple REN command is all you need. I'm assuming you always want to preserve the original file extension.

ren "%original%" "?????????????????????-added.*"

Just make sure there are at least as many ? as there are characters in the original name up until the .

Here are some results you can expect

original          new
--------          ------------
blue.txt          blue-added.txt
part1.part2.txt   part1-added.part2.txt

You could use wildcards in your source file mask. The following would append "-added" to the base name of all .txt files:

ren *.txt ?????????????????????-added.*

See How does the Windows RENAME command interpret wildcards? if you want to understand why this works.

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