I'd like to do a quick animation of a div before leaving a page when a navigation link is clicked. How do I pull this off? I am having issues completing the animating before the new page is loaded. The animation starts then the page is loaded before the div can get moving.

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var el = document.querySelector(".myelement");

el.addEventListener("animationstart", function() {}, false);
el.addEventListener("animationend", function() {el.onclick = navigateTo;}, false);
el.addEventListener("animationiteration", function() {}, false);

el.addEventListener( 'webkitTransitionEnd', 
function( event ) { alert( "Finished transition!" ); }, false );

function navigateTo() {

Using CSS animations


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    I put this at the bottom of my onclick animation function: elm.addEventListener('webkitAnimationEnd',function( event ) { elm.style.display = 'none'; location.href = "About.html"; }, false); elm.addEventListener('animationend',function( event ) { elm.style.display = 'none'; location.href = "About.html"; }, false); elm.addEventListener('oanimationend',function( event ) { elm.style.display = 'none'; location.href = "About.html"; }, false); Seems to work! Suggestions welcome. Apr 16, 2014 at 4:53
  • 'animationend', not 'oanimationend', Apr 16, 2014 at 4:56

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