I already know how to get field names for entity, but how to get class names for all associations also?


This gets class property only, but I expect to get association names inside nested array, for example if I have customer associated to product I would like to get all customer class property names too.

  • can't you iterate over the associations given and request their meta data as well? Apr 16, 2014 at 13:31

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You can get the associated field names as well then merge them

$properties = $em->getClassMetadata('YourBundle:Product')->getFieldNames();
$output = array_merge(

One liner:


Just a little hint.

I would prefer restructuring the way your organize your schema in order to properly retrieve all associated fields. For instance, according to this line of your question "if I have customer associated to product", I believe you have at least one-to-one or one-to-many relationship between customer and product. If you declare these relationships in your ORM, if you use YAML or annotations or any preferred/give way, you will be able to retrieve field names with a standard DQL query / or get methods.

The point to taken from here is, when you are expecting associating fields to be retrieved, it's best if you establish a solid database schema by providing relevant relationships at first place. This will reduce the job you have to do by half and will increase the performance in system/coding practice in long run.

Hope this helps, Cheers!


I ended up merging them into one array by getting first each association name and then field names for each name.

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