i am trying to read the following and select a node in it

<ns1:OrderInfo xmlns:ns1="http://xxxxxx Some URL XXXX">
   <pricing someAttrHere>


XmlDocument document = new XmlDocument();

XmlNamespaceManager manager = new XmlNamespaceManager(document.NameTable);
manager.AddNamespace("ns1", "http://xxxxxx Some URL XXXX");
query = "/ns1:OrderInfo/pricing";
XmlNodeList nodeList = document.SelectNodes(query);

but it always give "Namespace Manager or XsltContext needed"

as you can see above i add namespace using XmlNamespaceManager and still give the error please any help


You need to use your XmlNamespaceManager as well:

XmlNodeList nodeList = document.SelectNodes(query, manager); 
  • Oh man... How did I miss that? Oh, I know how. Microsoft's error messages really suxors. – Brain2000 May 30 '17 at 21:51
  • I know that this is an old answer, but you saved my day, thanks! – Razvan Ghena Jul 11 '17 at 9:41

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